About Klacon HS



About Klacon HS


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Discover The Klacon HS Advantage!



Odor & Moisture

Klacon HS absorbs moisture immediately. HS maintains a drier and cleaner stall which virtually eliminates ammonia odor. Ammonia odor is harmful to a horse's respiratory system.


Klacon HS is a sterile processed material which is biodegradable. If ingested by a horse HS will break down and harmlessly pass through the horse's system.

Length of Use

Klacon HS can last up to 12 weeks! Eliminate re-bedding the stall every week! Add a bag when needed.


Klacon HS reduces stall cleaning time by 50%. A stall can be cleaned in minutes with less effort. Remove the muck and leave the HS bedding in the stall.


Klacon HS reduces your muck pile by two thirds! Used HS is environmentally friendly. It can very easily be spread in gardens, round pens and outdoor arenas to help control dust. HS will not sour your fields.


Klacon HS lets you control dust in the barn - NOT the horse! With HS the stall can be treated with water to control dust! Water will not harm the effectiveness of HS! Any dust generated by an active horse settles quickly since HS is a heavier dust. Dust from wood products remains floating in the air for hours - even days!

Fire Safety

Klacon HS WILL NOT BURN! Your horse and barn will be safer bedded with Klacon HS.